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« Numb3rs Tabu (HD, TV-14) A mega-heiress is abducted by an extremist group who want nothing more than to punish her father.
BATMAN Exclusive!
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Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (TV-PG) Impassioned teachers and lively musical guests aid David and Barbara Cerullo as they worship and preach about God.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Ship of Ghouls (TV-Y7) Archie and Betty go scuba diving and discover an ancient gold medallion, but they are haunted by green ghosts who seem to be after the antique pendant.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb (TV-Y7) Two competing engineers discover that their creations have been stolen from their high-tec vaults, leaving Holmes to find the culprit.
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century The Man with the Twisted Lip (TV-Y7) Holmes must investigate a man whose death was a ruse to escape from gambling debts, who is actually an undercover agent with a blown cover.
Animorphs The Capture, Part 1 (TV-Y7) Jake discovers that the clinic his father is building is financed by a Yeerk host, and must infiltrate the clinic before the visiting Governor is infected.
Animorphs The Capture, Part 2 (TV-Y7) The Animorphs decide to keep Jake under close watch after a tumble into a Yeerk pool; Ax prepares to morph for the first time while adjusting to Earth.
Dragon Dragon's Snowy Day; Dragon's Merry Christmas (TV-Y) Dragon makes a snow dragon and does what he can to make sure it is comfortable; Dragon celebrates Christmas in his own way.
ION Life
For Your Home Revision House (TV-G) Host Vicki Payne is joined by "Green Builder Magazine" publisher Ron Jones shares his tips for making a house remodeling project more energy efficient.
In The Dog House Who's the Boss? (TV-PG) People struggle to deal with an array of troublesome behavior exhibited by their canine companions, including constant barking to aggressive behavior.
Big Voice Michelle B After giving up a possible career as a pop singer, Michelle dreams of starring in her own music video.
Neat Burden of Clutter (TV-G) Hellen has her work cut out for her when this family calls for help because the clutter is everywhere, in the kitchen, bedrooms, and especially the family room.
My Generation Pursue Your Passion (Repeat, TV-G) How to pursue your passions; a business man who is now a photographer; a look at the pitfalls of online shopping; a look at a huge political button collection.
Yummy Mummy Help, I'm Turning Into My Mom (TV-PG) Get tips for a stlylin' lid, how to find a nanny, and test driving sexy yet practical cars, all in a lesson on how not to turn into your mother.
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« Susan Graver Style (TV-G) Fashion designer and QVC native Susan Graver debuts her new line of elegant apparel, comprised of breezy specialty fabrics that ensure comfort and convenience.
All About Handbags Vera Bradley (TV-G) Vera Bradley's designs feature a variety of handbags, including totes, shoulder and baby bags, suitcases and other stylish accessories.
Or PazĀ® Silver Jewelry from Israel Israeli jewelry is showcased as it provides a unique, textured design filled with modern, eclectic, exotic and historical styles all in sterling silver.
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