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Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs See a Seashell; Jump (TV-Y) Harry and his dinosaurs go to Dino World to explore the many species that live in a tide pool; Harry and his dinosaurs go to a planet where everyone bounces.
Doki The Big Picture; Up On the Roof (TV-Y7) Anabella's searches for a safe place for art in Lascaux, France; Gabi heads to in New York to find a way to protect her garden from hungry rabbits.
Doki Play With Clay; Chasing Rainbows (TV-Y7) The team heads to Patzcuaro, Mexico to learn about pottery; Doki and his friends head to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to find out why rainbows occur.
Dive, Olly, Dive Big Swap; Detective Beth (TV-Y) The subs and Uma decide to trade the jobs that they were assigned by Doug, but they end up regretting their exchange; Olly notices that he has an oil leak.
Dive, Olly, Dive Home Sweet Shell; Cucumber Confusion (TV-Y) Brandt accidentally breaks his shell, which he uses as his home, so his friends go on a search to find him a new one; Olly and Beth photograph rare species.
The Karate Kid III (TV-PG, PG, *) Danny naively goes against Mr. Miyagi's sage advice in an effort to defend his title at the All-Valley Championship and becomes part of a dangerous game
Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse Elizabeth and the Haunted House; Marvin Horses Around (TV-Y7) Elizabeth faces her fears of a haunted house and realizes it's actually fun; Eddy and Marvin learn that it's okay to ask for help after breaking a ride in town.
Sammy's Story Shop Joey Runs Away; Charlie Needs a Cloak; Georgie (TV-Y7) A boy doesn't feel like cleaning his room and looks for a new home; a boy makes a new cloak; a friendly ghost feels unwanted.
Sammy's Story Shop Harold's Fairy Tale; The Three Robbers; The Wizard (TV-Y7) A boy draws an enchanted garden only to find out that a witch haunts it; a young girl confronts three robbers; a wizard sells a unique magical spell.
Rupert Rupert and Growler (TV-Y7) Rupert is kidnapped by a pirate and his grandsons, and Constable Growler must battle against police officers in an effort to take back Rupert from the thieves.
Rupert Rupert and the Dragon Race (TV-Y7) Rupert takes part in a competition while visiting the Valley of Dragons.
My Friend Rabbit For The Birds; Pearl's Pal (TV-Y7) Edweena has a hard time making friends with a flock of songbirds; Pearl befriends a group of tadpoles.
ION Life
« Space Cowboys (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) NASA sends four retired pilots into space to prevent a Russian satellite from falling to Earth, but the satellite has a surprise the Russians didn't mention.
Shaun T's Focus T25
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« Scott Kay Jewelry Designs Jewelry designer Scott Kay collaborated with his daughter, Tiffany, to create an elegant jewelry collection inspired by faith and spirituality.
Michael Dawkins Jewelry Collection (TV-G) Designer Michael Dawkins unveils his latest line of jewelry, combining a reflective appreciation for natural textures with architectural functionality.
Barbara Bixby Jewelry Portfolio Barbara Bixby uses her experience in metal sculpture to create detailed sterling silver pieces, many with intricately cut gemstones and 18K gold accents.
Judith Ripka Jewelry Collection (TV-G) Jewelry mogul Judith Ripka demonstrates the stylish savvy that has earned her international acclaim in this showcase of her versatile new line of accessories.
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