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Zula Patrol Blue Moon; Going Through a Phase (TV-Y7) Wizzy and Wigg try to prove their individual theories about the moon; Bula thinks his time with Zula Patrol is over after becoming as a were-mouse.
Guess with Jess Spiders & Outside (TV-G) Jess helps Baa learn about spiders and their webs while cleaning up; Jess cheers up a hurt Willow by bringing her something to remind her of the orchard.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Uh-Oh; Nobody's Listening to Me (TV-G) Harry accidentally breaks his mom's favorite china teacup; the dinos lose their voices while arguing over Harry's drawing story.
Timothy Goes to School Paint by Numbers; The Sleepover (TV-G) Doris's painting doesn't look like everyone else's; Timothy is worried that the Franks will think he is a baby because he sleeps with a stuffed toy.
My Friend Rabbit A Gift at Last; The Big To Do (TV-Y) Rabbit and Mouse discover it is Jasper's Birthday but they have no idea what to give him; Rabbit volunteers to do Hazel's chores for the day.
Famous 5: On the Case The Case of the Sticks and Their Tricks (TV-Y7) George's house is partially destroyed when a tree falls on it, and everyone is ecstatic when handyman Ed Gumptybum appears to start repairs.
Timothy Goes to School The Greatest; Rocky Friendship (TV-G) Nora thinks that Timothy is the greatest when he catches her pet lizard; Fritz and Charles have a dispute over the ownership of a rock.
The Busy World of Richard Scarry The Biggest Storm Ever; Cucumber in Rockies; Sally's First Day at School (TV-G) Sergeant Murphy evacuates Busytown; Cucumber and Pickles chase a runaway supply car; Sally attends kindergarten.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Super Harry; Today's the Day (TV-Y) Harry wants to be a superhero and tries to help his family, but he seems to just make things worse, so he goes to dinoworld to be a hero.
Sandra, the Fairytale Detective The 22.30 Express; King of Mortadela (Repeat, TV-G) Sandra and Fo help prove that Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are innocent; Sandra helps Pinocchio, who is being turned into a donkey.
Dive, Olly, Dive The Lost City of Gold; Luseal Loops the Loop (TV-Y) Olly and Skid set out to find the lost City of Gold, and find trouble along the way; Luseal's competitive nature comes out when she shows off her acrobatics.
ION Life
Renovate My Wardrobe Suzette (TV-14) Peter helps a dental hygienist coordinate her closet by throwing out half her wardrobe; designer Glen tries to find a way to maximize the space in her closet.
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Home to Go Pretty Portable (TV-PG) Professional designers offer creative and affordable home-improvement solutions for homeowners that don't want to leave anything behind when they move.
For Your Home Building Your Team Part 1 (TV-G) Vicki brings together a team of savvy construction workers and decoration experts in order to break ground on an extensive remodeling project.
Your House & Home (TV-G) A look at how to apply a patterned tile floor for a must-have home design; how to upgrade hardware in showers; bring birds to your home; sliding glass doors.
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« Fashionably Early with Jayne & Pat (TV-G) Jayne Brown, Pat James-Dementri and Rachel Boesing talk about the latest fashion trends and accessories for the season as a variety of collections are shown.
Quacker Factory by Jeanne Bice Designer Jeanne Bice offers her collection of fun-loving styles which feature her signature motifs from cuddly cats to adorable angels and more.
LizClaiborne New York - Fashion (TV-G) The LizClaiborne New York Collection presents feminine clothing that women can wear to work that upholds the company's vision of combining comfort and style.
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