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Monk Mr. Monk and the T.V. Star (TV-PG) Monk suspects the star of a hit television show of murdering his ex-wife, but no one on the police force is willing to believe that the celebrity is guilty.
Monk Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny (TV-PG) When a law student witnesses her grandmother being abducted by two masked men, she contacts Monk and asks him to open an investigation.
Monk Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife (TV-PG) A sniper shoots a bullet through the windshield of a tow truck and kills the driver; Captain Stottlemeyer's wife is involved in a serious car crash.
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks Our Dragon's Egg (HD, TV-G) Piggley, Ferny and Dannan find what they believe to be a dragon egg and attempt to find a mother for egg, but to no avail.
Sammy's Story Shop Doctor DeSoto; The Three Billy Goats Gruff; The Happy Lion (TV-Y7) A hungry fox asks a mouse doctor to relieve his toothache; a troll tries to eat a family of goats; a lion goes into town to visit his friends.
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series The Ice Cream Promise (TV-G) Marilla enlists Anne to help her in the making of homemade ice cream, until it becomes clear to them how time-consuming their task is.
Pippi Longstocking Pippi Visits Aunt Matilda (TV-Y7) When Bloom discovers he may be an heir to Aunt Matilda's fortune, Pippi finds him charitable activities.
Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller The Fast and the Ferocious (TV-G) Jarod highlights cats such as the Jaguarundi and the Liger.
Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team In the Driver's Seat (TV-Y7, FV) Jake becomes overly possessive with his new car as the heroes fight a fire that has spread to a town's water supply.
ION Life
Save Us from Our House Two's Company (TV-G) A couple that moved into their dream house together are now torn between two differing sets of needs and tastes, and have a hard time spending time together.
Room To Grow Family Affair (TV-G) Amanda and Carson begin a garden makeover with the family's parents in mind, taking their needs into consideration while they transform the garden.
Diva on a Dime Graduating Diva (TV-PG) After earning an MBA, mom Jennifer wants a special outfit for her graduation celebration, so the team takes Jennifer to designer, discount outlets.
Downright Domestic 10 Steps To A Containter Garden A look at the 10 steps you need to take for creating the beautiful container garden you want.
Style by Jury Elvis Has Left the Building (TV-G) An Elvis-inspired mother who feels insecure and ugly wants to change the way she looks, so Bruce steps in and gives her a seven-day makeover.
Bulging Brides Just Harried Busy mother of two Sarah is ready to get married, but she needs to lose some extra weight before being able to fit into her wedding gown.
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Shawn Says, "Accessorize!" Genie Bra Show Host Shawn Killinger presents her preferred, inexpensive ways to add a twist to the tops and pants that viewers already have.
bareMinerals® Leslie Blodgett, creator of bareMinerals, talks about how the brand has become one of the top in makeup due to its natural substances.
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