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Raggs Food (TV-Y) After he has eaten junk food, Pido is reluctant to play with his friends, and while Trilby looks after a pet bird, she learns the types of food they eat.
Raggs Hot (TV-Y) It's too hot for the dogs to enter the Egg and Spoon Race Championships, so they find ways to cool down; Pido may have made his soup too hot to eat.
Burn Notice Friends Like These (HD, TV-14) Barry seeks Michael's help when a brutal thief steals his money-laundering client list, but when Michael tracks down the villain, he learns there's more to it.
Burn Notice Long Way Back (HD, TV-14) Michael finds himself in an unlikely team with Fiona's pitiless brother, when a dangerous man from her past resurfaces after hiding for many years.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Yee Haw; Somebody's Moving (TV-G) In a Western-style motif, Harry and his dinosaurs look for Harry's missing rubber duck in Dino World; Harry and Charley help a friend in Dino World move.
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs Is That Really a Lamp?; Aaargh, Treasure (TV-G) Harry and his dinosaurs stumble on a magic lamp with a genie inside; Harry and his dinosaurs set out to sea as pirates looking for treasure.
Toddworld Monkeying Around; No Place Like Home (TV-G) Todd and the gang become so involved with the Monkey Madness games that they forget to have fun; Todd finds Pickle's lifestyle hard to adjust to.
Toddworld Todd Takes a Stand; Benny's Missing Chew Toy (TV-G) Todd and his friend's plans to ride a new slide are threatened by a bully; Benny falsely accuses his friends of stealing his favorite ball.
Fishtronaut The Case of the Unknown Animal; The Case of the New Food (Repeat, TV-Y) Marina is putting together a photo album of the park's many animals for her school project; a tortoise gets stuck on the top of a walnut tree.
Fishtronaut The Case of the Crazy Deliveries; The Case of the Monster (Repeat, TV-Y) Zeek offers to take over as the mailman but causes problems within the park when the packages end up at the wrong places; a television host comes to the park.
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At the Table With Dave Pasternack (TV-PG) A chef describes how he developed his love of seafood into a culinary career that includes a seafood restaurant featuring fresh seafood from around the world.
At the Table With Grant Achatz (TV-PG) After working in his family's restaurant in Michigan as a kid, Chef Grant Achatz developed a taste for experimenting with different foods and flavors.
Fearless in the Kitchen Carlie: Where There's Smoke There's Carlie (Repeat, TV-G) An executive assistant is in dire need of kitchen help besides the 911 type she received when she burnt salmon so terribly that fire trucks arrived at her door.
Fearless in the Kitchen Anna: No Country for Non Cooks (Repeat, TV-PG) An adventurer may have traveled the world but she is completely lost in the kitchen; from fried cucumbers to flash fires, she has been banned from cooking.
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Susan Graver Style (TV-G) Fashion designer and QVC native Susan Graver debuts her new line of elegant apparel, comprised of breezy specialty fabrics that ensure comfort and convenience.
Earth Brands Footwear A look is taken at Earth Brands Footwear, which offers a wide variety of styles since the 1970s, as viewers get the chance to purchase from the new collection.
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