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« Blue Bloods To Tell the Truth (HD, TV-14) Danny witnesses a murder by a drug lord with a history of intimidating witnesses, which puts a member of his family in jeopardy if he chooses to testify.
Blue Bloods Model Behavior (HD, TV-14) When a former model turned reality host and Linda's niece both collapse at a fashion show, Danny and Jackie jump into the fashion world.
Flashpoint Run to Me (HD, TV-PG) Team One locks down a robbery in progress occuring at a busy downtown bank only to discover Sarah and Maddie, two con artists under the thumb of a madman.
Flashpoint Eyes In (HD, TV-PG) Team One is stunned when someone hacks into their secure computer system to show them a video of a crime in progress, as thieves steal an 18-wheeler.
Babar Land of the Treasure Hunt (TV-Y7) The family competes in a treasure hunt against a team of cheating foxes.
Adventures from the Book of Virtues Compassion (TV-Y7) Zach receives a lesson in sympathy for others after an intense fire destroys a family's house; Plato receives help in retelling "The Good Samaritan."
Adventures From the Book of Virtues Courage (TV-Y7) After a devastating loss in a hurdles race, Annie loses her self-confidence, but Plato intends to restore it by sharing the story of "William Tell."
Denver, The Last Dinosaur The Monster of the Lost Lake (TV-G) While on a camping trip by the lake with his friends, Denver is mistaken for a lake monster by other campers; the lake is visited by hoards of tourists.
Denver, The Last Dinosaur Denver Makes the Grade (TV-G) The boys do a science project on dinosaurs for the school fair, including a life-sized dinosaur model; the model gets destroyed by a rival group.
Timeblazers Planes, Trains and Stagecoaches (TV-G) While picking up her brother from school, Shakira wonders what the fastest mode of transportation might be.
ION Life
Loving Spoonfuls Anja Karpinia's Finnish Salmon Soup (TV-PG) A Finnish grandmother challenges host David Gale to eat the eye of the Salmon from her Finnish Salmon Soup, so David challenges her back.
Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag A Good Catch (HD, TV-PG) Anna and Kristina's guest is the head chef from the first restaurant to promote the use of only sustainable seafood dishes in a restaurant's menu.
Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag Chef Daniel Boulud Cooking in NYC (HD, TV-PG) Anna and Kristina want to make sure they perfect a renowned chef's recipes, so they only make three dishes in five and a half hours, including white asparagus.
Breeder of the Pack Border Collies (Repeat, TV-PG) A border collie breeder who has one the World Championships five times hopes to win another gold medal, but her fastest dog has just had a litter of puppies,.
Breeder of the Pack Goldendoodles (Repeat, TV-PG) A woman is changing the standards of dog breeding as she supplies Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles to service dog organizations.
In The Dog House Dog Eat Mom World (TV-PG) Two unruly canines drive their owner crazy by pilfering food, running away from home and disregarding their house training lessons.
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« Denim & Co.® (TV-G) An extensive showcase featuring the latest developments in Denim, this QVC exclusive focuses on providing a stylish new approach to a classically casual fabric.
Laura Geller Makeup Studio Host Laura Geller shares her makeup style tips with interested viewers, discussing the proper cosmetic application techniques and which makeup she prefers.
Inspired Style Late Night Edition - Laura Geller (TV-G) Program hosts offer a special presentation of Laura Geller's simply beautiful cosmetics, featuring products designed to help achieve a flawless, radiant look.
Bob Mackie Wearable Art Fashion (TV-G) Hosts present wearable masterpieces inspired by Bob Mackie's original works of art, featuring fashions with a distinctive flair created exclusively for QVC.
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